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Book Four - Escape from Hellum

The wait is over! Book Four is live and available on Amazon.


Interesting occurrence: Two of my reviews were declined for these reasons:
1. Use of the words 'Harry Potter'


"The blogs I read prior to reading this book touted the series as "the American version of Harry Potter". I have to vehemently disagree--Jamaica outshines Harry Potter by miles! I just fell in love with her and her squad of Angelic Warriors. They have all taken up permanent residence in my heart. Each and every character in the book is larger than life. I am so excited to know that ultimately there are eight books in this series because I felt bereft when I reached the end of Book One. *Spoiler Alert* I have already read Book Two and it's even better than Book One. Book Three . . . here I come! Thank you, B. J. Ramsey, for such a heart-warming series. I cannot wait for my grandchildren to hone their reading skills so I can get them the whole series. I highly recommend this series for lovers of fantasy fiction."


2. Use of the words 'children of color'


"I thought Book One was good-Book Two is even better! It is wonderful that someone has finally written a Fantasy Fiction series that children of color can relate to. Thank you, BJ Ramsey for such strongly drawn characters that are simply unforgettable."


Projects in the works


Book TEN is scheduled to be out DECEMBER, 2020.