This is the first fantasy/fiction series with leading black characters and mythical beings that will propel you into a world of adventurous journeys filled with magic, happiness, drama, sadness, excitement and more than a couple of tears.

BOOK ONE - The Girl Inside a Crystal Ball - ISBN-13: 978 - 1499296402


Imagine being catapulted into a world where riding on a hummingbird is not the most exciting thing happening to you. Before Jamaica had ever flown around inside The Aviary painting chasing Angels’ Wings, had Pixies serve her meals, had a giggling Cupid deliver mail, or discovered her magical abilities, all Jamaica had known was an unhappy life on planet Legna with Tonya and Larry Brown, her horrible foster parents, and their cruel daughter, Jezebella. 

In her heart, Jamaica has always known that there was much more to her life than being forced to live inside a crystal ball buried at the bottom of a garbage can in the Browns’ kitchen. Finally, on her twelfth birthday, destiny came to reclaim Jamaica, the infant that was left behind in secrecy, eleven bleak years ago. 

As Jamaica’s adventurous journey leads her into a complex world filled with magical beings, a mystical creature befriends her and tells her that she is not only a clone to a counter-entity named Ja’MayKa (pronounced Sha’Mayka), but that she is to become a Warrior who fights evil. After making friends . . . and enemies . . . Jamaica’s biggest threats are Zi’Keke and his                                              wicked witch, Z’Enja. They are out to destroy her   and rip the magical emerald from her forehead. Will                                        Jamaica survive long enough to achieve her ultimate goals: to become one entity, reunite with her                                            biological mother,  and find her missing father? 

BOOK TWO -  The Black Diamond - ISBN-13: 978-1505408843 


Imagine that jumping through a carnival painting and discovering evil Red Cupids attacking isn't the most exciting thing that’s going on. Why is so much happening in 12-year-old Jamaica’s life? She not only gets caught up in a battle against the Red Cupids, she also fights a monster inside the Aviary painting, befriends baby Baooshnas, meets the annoying Swamp Mothers and learns about creepy-crawly things inside the swamp . . . especially the dangerous Frogfang creatures. None of this compares to confronting a chained poltergeist who’s guarding a secret or the most important battle in her life against the Evil-Duo, Zi’Keke and Z’Enja.

In spite of all this, Jamaica is determined to get back at her rival, Bertha Baxter, sneak past the poltergeist to discover what he’s guarding and pass her final exams. She also finds time to learn about a battle between good and evil on Earth . . . not only learns about it, but rides with one of the Gods into the future to witness this disaster first hand.  Jamaica finally sees her                                            biological mother for the first time, she stands right next to her, but why  doesn't her mother see                                              her?  Join Jamaica and her friends, back at Old Boot Camp for Angels in Training, as they attempt to stop                                    the Evil-Duo from eliminating the only thing that can incarcerate them . . . The Black Diamond.

BOOK THREE - The Witches of Hellum - ISBN-13: 978-1505408942 


Imagine a world where jumping into wells and through pictures as portals, befriending a Batrat, riding on a magic cloud, battling Treetop Trolls and Frogfangs, hearing witches chanting that they want the head with the embedded emerald aren’t the most exciting things happening. Worse, imagine being scared out of your wits, not knowing if the person standing next to you is a friend or an evil witch. Ever since Jamaica had come home for the summer from Boot Camp for Kid Angels, the Browns had been so mean and hideous that all she wanted was to get back to her training. But just a few days before her departure, Jamaica receives a warning from an odd-looking creature who says that if she returns to training—now at Boot Camp Castle—something catastrophic will happen. Could it be worse for Jamaica than her foster sister, Jezebella, and her friends attempting to drown her? And, sure enough, it is. In Jamaica’s third season of training, fresh torments and horrors arise, including an outrageously stuck-up new professor and a spirit who haunts the castle’s old library. But then the real trouble begins—                                              someone . . . or something . . . is attacking the castle and putting students into comas. More                                                      importantly, what really happens to our beloved Jamaica during the battle of the boars? Could Bertha                                        Baxter be behind all of this? Or, is it The Witches of Hellum? 
BOOK FOUR- Escape from Hellum - ISBN-13: 978-1505609981


Imagine dressing up in cowgirl clothes and riding through space on a stagecoach that is pulled by owlyorses, becoming one entity with a unicorn, watching a dancer jump out of a music box, making friends with a rock, and wearing a pair of magical dance shoes. Now imagine that none of these things are the most exciting things happening.

Fourteen-year-old Jamaica quickly sews cloth bodies for the shrunken heads in her attic which in return help save her from the Evil-Duo who are cast back inside the Black Diamond. But, who among the angels are also cast away? In this adventurous journey, Jamaica visits Earth where her real mother and her counterself are, but why does this and carrying out her first duties as an Angel, make her so unhappy?

Jamaica also gets introduced to the dangers of subjugators and moth-men while spinning head over heels, bypassing the cavities of Hellum, where she witnesses her real parent’s nightmare. And where does the mysterious voice that continuously whispers to her, “you must save him” come from? Save who?  Worse, there’s something else lurking in the shadows of                                              darkness, could it be the one who Escapes from Hellum?